Saturday, May 23, 2015

5 Ways to Save Time and Money Printing Shipping Labels from Your eBay Account


Everyone can use more money, and we would all like to have more time. Save both using eBay's shipping workflow. Did you realize that if you aren't printing labels through eBay, you are missing out on discounts? That's right, for every package you don't ship through eBay's portal, you are leaving money on the table. And over time, the savings are substantial.

Take a look at the above screen shot from my eBay shipping screen - notice the savings? The discount on this one package was over $6! Here are reasons why every seller should be printing labels directly from eBay:

1. Save money with eBay discounts. Let's say you ship 50 items a month. Even if you saved $1 on each package, that is $50 a month, or $600 a year. What could you do with an extra $600 each year? Buy more inventory? Take a modest vacation? Pay down debt? Add to your retirement account?

2. Save time not going to the post office. This saves both gas and time. (And hassle if you have to take small children to you - who are notorious for falling asleep in the car as you drive into the post office parking lot!). Your postal carrier will pick up packages for free - that is their job. If you are just starting to need pickups, ask your postal carrier about how they like their customers to do things - where to leave your items, if you need to schedule online, etc. Every carrier is different. (Exceptions for not using carrier pickup are if you are on a rural route and cannot get pick up, or if you won't be home and don't want to leave packages outside unattended.)

3. Get free tracking. Both you and your buyer can access tracking information online through eBay.

4. Save time answering "Where is my package" questions. Many buyers know how to access the tracking info, or if you have to find it, the info is easily accessible through eBay.

5. Free reprints. Ooops, your 3 year old stuck the label on the dog. No problem. It is easy (and free) to reprint a label on eBay. (Find the item on your SOLD page, choose the MORE ACTIONS tab, choose PRINT ANOTHER LABEL. You will only be charged for the label that is actually scanned through the post office.)

So, if you aren't printing labels through eBay now is the time to start! Check out these free resources to help you fly along the shipping learning curve - you got this!

Download my free eBay shipping flowchart here.

Step by step instructions from eBay about how to print shipping labels. 

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