Monday, January 5, 2015

Waiting for the Right eBay Buyer Can Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Research your price and wait for the right buyer.

Although not a very expensive item, here is an example:

I bought this scrub top at a thrift store for $2. (Yes, scrub tops can be profitable sellers.) Completeds didn't show one exactly like it but owls are a hot theme right now and this top is really cute, so I priced high based on a gut feeling.

A buyer emailed me about a week later, saying that this brand of scrub top sells for about $8 retail and my price was ridiculous. I replied with, "Thank you for looking, however, our price is firm." She didn't need to understand my price, she was not my customer. What she thinks is none of my business.

The top sold a few days later for my asking price of $24.97.

Here is the Tafford brand website showing retail prices:

Moral of the story - go with your gut. Your instincts will improve the more you do this work. It may take a little while for the right buyer to show up, just be patient.

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Margaret @ Live Like No One Else said...

I was selling a really interesting Ralph Marlin tie one tie and had a buyer emailing me telling me that his ties sell for about $4 and that my price was ridiculous too. About a week later, I sold the tie for $30. My tie wasn't for that buyer, but it went to the right buyer! :)