Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Make Money Selling Pre-Owned Women's Shoes on eBay 

Pre-owned shoes are another high-profit, easy to find item that sell well on eBay. As a matter of fact, eBay shows over 826,000 completed sold listings for pre-owned women's shoes. Isn't it time for you to cash in on this market?

I've been selling used shoes and clothing since I started selling on eBay in 2003. (Visit my eBay store here to check for yourself.) I can say with some authority that used shoes are a consistent seller, easy to ship, easy to store, and sell well both domestically and internationally year round.

Now I l know that some sellers avoid selling shoes because they feel have to wait for the person needing an exact size to buy their item - but I see this as an opportunity. You may be the only seller on eBay with a specific shoe in a particular size which allows you to ask more for your item.

Learn more about my new course, "The Art of Selling Used Women's Shoes," which is packed with 90 minutes of video, a 72 page eBook, and my Learn It, Know It, Master It guarantee. Put more money in your Paypal account while helping customers find the perfect shoes on eBay.

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