Monday, May 26, 2014

eBay Seller Finds $355 Magazine in Home

I received this email from a reader last week:

Hey Suzanne,

I just wanted to write to you and give you a huge thanks.

Here's why.

I read one of your posts about not throwing out your old magazines. Being that I am a avid reader, I had quite a few old magazines lying around.

So I decided to check out one in particular. Heavy hitters. It's about cars.

While checking on ebay to see if anyone else had sold this magazine, I noticed that one sold for a whopping $355.

Now when I looked at it, I said to myself that it looked familiar. Like I had one of those. (They always make two alternative covers)

I looked in my collection and sure enough I had it.

It was their premiere special edition.

Long story short.

I put it up for sale on ebay for $355 as well, and it sold in less than 30 minutes. (See the listing here.)

I then turned around and sold the other 20 issues I had for $159. (See the listing here.)

For 21 magazines I made over $500.00

Not bad.

So now I'm Back into selling items on ebay.

Thanks to you I'm building my new business and I'm off to a great start.



Outstanding! Thanks for sharing, Keir. This just goes to show that everything you need to sell on eBay is already here, somewhere around you, maybe even in your own home. For more ideas about what you might have lying around home that has value on eBay, grab my free eBook, "Cash Hiding in Your Home."

What have you sold lately that you found in your home?

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