Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All About Loveys


If you aren't familiar with a "lovey," you might want to start looking for these. A lovey is a small, very soft blanket with a sweet little plush stuffed animal attached to it. Think security blanket. Loveys have been a hot item on eBay for many years and can sell for very high prices because some are limited editions or not made anymore. When a toddler loses his lovey, or it is just too used and gross for mom to stand it anymore, parents go looking for a replacement on eBay. Here are some completed listings for used loveys- check out the sold prices!

Fisher Price vintage loveys will sell for the highest price.

Not vintage, but really, $125 for a blankie?

Wishpets is another great brand to look for.

And of course,everyone recognizes the Gerber Brand.

A tip on finding used loveys at thrift stores- look in the toy section, linens, baby section, and those baskets and bins of stuff above the children's clothing racks. Sellers have reported finding these at thrift stores for less than $1. Also check at children's consignment stores and sales. Look for new loveys at stores like Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, and Babies R Us.

See all completed sold listings for used loveys on eBay here. They are listed under both the baby category and the toy category.

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