Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Setting up an Assistant to Help With Your Amazon Account

Have you found yourself wishing that you had more hours to the day to work on your inventory? Do you wish you could use an assistant with your Amazon account? Well, you can!

While it may be against the rules to login to your Amazon Seller Central dashboard from more than one location, you can give others the permission to log into your account. If you’re working with an assistant, this would be a good setup for you.

What could this person do for you and your business? The new user could be a new business partner you have added to your business. The person you set up an account for could help manage inventory or enter shipping confirmations on merchant filled items. The choice is yours. You can control what the person can do and what they can see by changing the permissions for their user account.

In order to add users to your Amazon Seller Central, there are a couple of requirements that are needed:

1. You must have a pro merchant account

2. In the beginning, only the original account user can setup new user accounts (After you have added others, you can give another user on your account the ability to add users if needed.)

In order to set up new users on your account you will need to visit the “User Permissions” page on Amazon Seller Central. You may find that page by clicking the”Settings” tab and choosing “User Permissions”. Once you are on the “User Permissions” page, you can enter the email address of the person who will be assisting you. This will send an invitation the invited person will have to accept before they can access your account. You can easily add or remove users as needed.

To find out more about adding users and how to do it, please visit Seller Central.

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