Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Types of Collectible Dolls to Sell on eBay

Collectibles sell well on eBay, and dolls are no exception. Here are five types of dolls that do especially well.

American Girl dolls are incredibly popular with children and adults. The wide variety of time periods and ethnicities available means that everyone can find a doll that’s just what they want. The dolls range from Josephina, who lives in New Mexico in the 1830s, to Addy, who is from the 1860s and just became free from slavery.

Madame Alexander dolls are also popular. They were created in 1923. The dolls are available in variety of ages and as a male or female. There are a multitude of costumes available as well, letting collectors dress them for any occasion. Madame Alexander also created dolls of famous individuals, such as Judy Garland.

Lifelike dolls do well on eBay too. They’re also known as living dolls, unliving dolls, and reborn babies. They are made by many different people and the process takes hours. Normal baby dolls have hair added, are given new eyes, have filling replaced to make them a realistic weight, and are painted to make them look as much like a real baby as possible.

Another type of doll that’s popular on eBay is the German doll. The best known creators are Simon and Halbig, Kestner, Kammer and Rienhart, Heubach, and Armand Marseille. Of these, J.D. Kestner is the most popular and is often referred to as the King of German Doll Makers. His company made dolls from 1820 to 1938. The dolls’ bodies were made from wood, leather, or composition. All German doll artists created dolls that were meant to look like their children. Because of that, most of the dolls had full cheeks and wore simple clothing. Some companies also specialized only in doll heads.

Last but not least, Barbie dolls are very popular on eBay – they are the bestselling doll e eBay, to be exact. Limited edition Barbies can be worth a great deal of money and be in high demand. There are collectors everywhere, so Barbies often sell internationally on eBay.
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