Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Selling Used Camera Lenses Online

New cameras and photography equipment are always good sellers on eBay as photography technology changes rapidly. But, older lenses and equipment can also sell well. I know of at least three sellers who purchase broken cameras or camera parts at garage and estate sales specifically for the purpose of just reselling the parts. Here is some information about this niche market.

Selling used photography equipment is a great way for professionals or hobbyists to get rid of excess items. Like any item, there are ways help camera equipment sell more quickly and markets that are better suited to it.

One of the most important things for sellers to do when listing used camera equipment is to include a detailed and accurate description. Buyers will not be pleased if they receive a piece of equipment with flaws that were not disclosed. There will still be buyers interested in imperfect equipment, but it is only fair on the part of the seller to include that information in the listing. Incomplete descriptions can also have a negative impact later if the seller is trying to sell more items. Most buyers who feel they were treated unfairly will make their opinion known to other potential buyers.

Sellers should not automatically turn to eBay to sell their used equipment. Many photography websites have forums that include a place to buy and sell equipment. Using a site like that can insure that a seller reaches their target audience.

One well known site is called Nikonians. It includes a forum for buying and selling and is a great resource for those looking to sell equipment. A benefit of using forums like Nikonians’ is that it allows sellers to become known as a person before they sell items, which can lead to greater success.

Another site for sellers to consider is They are a site that deals in used equipment, so they are always looking for new merchandise. Because KEH resells their items, they are not able to pay as much as a private buyer. However, this can be a good option for sellers who do not want to go to the effort of selling items themselves.

So before you dump your old camera lenses thinking they are obsolete, try selling them online.

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