Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Selling on Artfire – Another Online Marketplace

Selling on Artfire – Another Online Marketplace

Today’s post is contributed by John, who has the store Honeysuckle House on Artfire.

Who ever came up with the adage “There is no such thing as a free lunch” never visited the new online selling site Artfire. It was Founded in 2008 in Tucson Arizona by John Jacobs. John was actually a triple platinum seller on eBay when like a lot of sellers became upset with all the policy changes and felt what he seemed to be a "tax" on creativity with insertion/final value fees. Instead of complaining about it he decided to just do it in a better way. Since the November 2008 launch Artfire has experienced a growth of 2600%. John states Our company's core principles are based on providing the best e-commerce tools we can for our customers and supporting them with unmatched customer service.

Artfire is an excellent site for selling handmade, fine art, vintage, craft supplies, designs and media. The site is similar to etsy with one major exception, it is FREE for the basic membership. The pro membership is $9.95 a month. With either membership there are no listing fees, renewal fees or final valuation fees. With the pro membership comes some nice benefits over the basic membership making it well worth the small expense. Benefits such as product feeds to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and, they even have a Facebook Kiosk that you can add to your Facebook page to promote your items.

I have been selling of Artfire for about a year. Listing items is very simple. If you have an etsy shop you can actually import one or all of your items with just a couple of clicks. Listing new items is almost as easy. You can even have up to 10 pictures for each listing. One of the nicest aspects of Artfire is it relationship with Google and it's GBase. Many of my products are not only showing up on the first search page of Google but the picture of the item is there as well. The customers that I have experienced are great too.

Artfire is having a special going on right now. New users can get their 3rd month free, if the pro account is chosen. Click here to find out more.

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