Friday, March 25, 2011

Medical Marijuana Supplies - Niche Product to Sell on eBay

China was the first country known to use marijuana beginning in 2500 B.C. They realized that ingesting marijuana (cannabis sativa) produced a euphoric affect and also helped relieve pain. The use of marijuana has spread to many other countries since then. Marijuana arrived in America when it was first colonized by Britain, and was commonly used to relieve pain and encourage appetites. Some people also used it just for the euphoria. After World War I, the American government studied the use of marijuana and its effects and determined that it was bad for morals and the American culture.

The legalization of marijuana is an ongoing issue in the world today. Part of that issue is using marijuana medicinally. Until marijuana was outlawed in 1937, it was a common pain reliever. In recent years doctors have discovered that it not only is a good pain killer, but that it also helps to reduce nausea for patients that are on chemotherapy. Studies have not shown that marijuana is a better pain reliever than other medications. But, numerous cancer patients have reported that marijuana is the only treatment that reduced their nausea. Because of its positive uses, California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in 1996. Washington, D.C. and fifteen other states have followed. After the California law was passed, the Supreme Court said that states were not allowed to pass laws contradicting federal law. They also stated that any doctor who prescribed medical marijuana faced the possibility of having his license revoked. However, the laws have not been overturned yet.

Medical marijuana supplies are actually a good seller on eBay. Sell through rates for listings with the keywords “medical marijuana” are 46% for the last 45 days. Products include jars, vials, and information products. Whatever your opinion on medical marijuana, you can’t deny there is a market for the supplies.

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