Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Promotion for Your eBay Products

eBay and online sellers are always looking for new ways to promote their products. The internet is vast and infinite and there are unlimited opportunities for exposing your product to your target audience. Many of these strategies are free.

If you want to get the word out on the internet about your product but don’t have time to sit on Facebook and Twitter networking, try this technique - blogger outreach. Leverage the power of the blogosphere to reach your target audience.

Have you ever visited blogs with product reviews? This is an easy way to reach your target audience who is already assembled in one place, interested in what you sell, and accessible. Here is what to do.

1) Go to sites including Techorati, Blog Catalog, Google Blogsearch and Twitter and search for blogs about your niche product. Maybe your product is hunting, camping, and survival gear. You won’t want to target your competitors that sell the same types of items you do. You want to target blogs that discuss topics like camping and hunting retreats, family travel tips, adventure vacations, outdoor survival skills and tips, etc.

2) Seek highly trafficked blogs. The more visitors, the better. To see how much traffic a blog gets, look for the SiteMeter widget and click on it to view the stats. Or, look for the Feedburner widget that says how many readers the blog has. You also want to look for blogs with lots of comments on the posts, which is an indicator of the blog’s popularity with its readers.

3) Next, using email, Facebook, or Twitter, contact the owner of the blog and ask if he will do a product review. Then, send that blogger the actual product so he can use it and form her opinion and write the review. Most bloggers won't turn down a freebie.

4) The blogger doesn't have to like your product - and they may not. The blogger is going to give it an honest review. Whether they like it or not isn't the point - you will still get exposure online and have a highly trafficked site linking to your products. (A little controversy is good sometimes - it gets people talking about you and looking at your site.)

Think about how this can work for you. Large companies use this marketing technique all the time. Pharmaceutical companies use doctor's offices to promote and introduce their new products to the end user - patients. Food companies use grocery stores to set up demos of their new products to reach the consumer. You can use the blogosphere to do the same thing!

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Lisa said...

What timely Information. I have done directories and search engines and have been trying to think what else I could do. Thank you.