Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Suz and Scott of Wisconsin for the winning sweater in our Facebook Ugly Sweater Party Contest. The above sweater sold for $149.87. Suz and Scott won a $50 Amazon gift card. I asked Suz a few questions about her wining entry. Her tips will help you make more money next year selling these creations!

"This was a sweater that I hand embellished. It was my personal sweater from years ago and found the tacky Santa and wreath at a thrift store for a few bucks.I put them all together with a little garland, tinsel, and other embellishments and voila!

I've sold a mix of Christmas sweaters the past two years as purchased. I am always looking for the ugliest and gaudiest along with selling ones that I embellished. My personal experience is the ones that have been made to be tacky, ugly, and outrageous sell far better and for more. What's great is that most of the embellishments I got on the cheap before and after Christmas at thrift stores and in bag lots that I purchased for other items of value. I also had good luck with kids sweaters as purchased; matching sweater sets and the Cousin Eddie outfits (polyester pants, white leather shoes and sweater & dickie combos) from the movie Christmas Vacation."

Suz and Scott are Top Rated eBay Sellers and have been selling since 2001. You can visit their store, Doxy Dog Enterprises here.

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Dude ! said...

That is awesome! Take an ugly Christmas sweater and make it uglier to attract higher bids! I can't think of any other eBay item where you could do this-it's great!

Dude @