Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Irish Fisherman (Aran) Knit Sweaters on eBay

The fisherman sweater came about via the clans of the Aran Islands as a way to stay warm and dry when earning a living as a fisherman or merchant in the fishing industry. The sweaters are very thick and tightly woven providing protection from the wind and water. The patterns are unique to each clan and has symbolism. The designs of the Aran sweaters were also a way to identify bodies of fisherman who lost their lives at sea and later washed up along the shores.

Fisherman sweaters are a huge "score" if you can find them at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or consignment. Here are a few examples of used fisherman sweaters that have recently sold on eBay. Check out these prices!

Men's Fisherman Sweater - Gray Cardigan sold for $140.27

Oatmeal Fisherman Sweater - sold for $135

Vintage Aran Sweater - Sold for $108

The highest profit items on eBay are used and vintage items. They are relatively easy to find and quite abundant. For more information on selling used items on eBay, check this resource.

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