Friday, November 12, 2010

Pure Cashmere - Sell it on eBay Even if Damaged

(Photo from Heartfeltbaby on Etsy)

By now you know how much I LOVE cashmere. Not only is it the finest fabric in the world - luxuriously soft, comfortable, and gorgeous - but it holds it value no matter what. Here is a great idea for selling damaged cashmere sweaters (and other items) on eBay and Etsy.

The latest trend with crafters is re-purposing items. Re-purposing means taking an item (either usable or not) and using it again for a long term purpose. For example, take a plastic milk jug and make it into a bird feeder or take old cabinet hardware and make it into a piece of jewelry. (Click here for an article about selling old cabinet hardware on eBay just for re-purposing.)

So, eBay has collided with the re-purposing movement and we are now seeing listings for "Cashmere cutter." These are listings of several pure cashmere sweaters, maybe with slight damage, that crafters buy to make into other things such as scarves, baby items, blankets, or doggie sweaters. Here are a few recently completed listings:

Lot of 10 cashmere sweaters sold for $38

7 pure cashmere sweaters sold for $36

When selling a cashmere sweater, try to sell it on its own first. I usually get between $20 and $35 for a used 100% cashmere sweater in good condition. For those that don't sell after a while, or that are damaged (have holes or stains), list in a lot once you have accumulated a few. Be sure to put keywords like "cashmere cutter, craft, fabric, and material" in your listing so that you will be found on searches. If you Google "cashmere cutter" you will see eBay listings at the top of the results.

Learn more about selling women's clothing on eBay here - and check this out, too.  

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Jen said...

Why are they charging so much for shipping? They can't weigh much. Are these international listings?