Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lalaloopsy Dolls - Hot Toy to Sell on eBay

Lalaloopsy dolls are doing well on eBay right now and you MAY be able to find these at retail stores such as WalMart, Target, and Toys R Us. These toys are in short supply, which indicates the prices are going to increase. As supply decreases, price and demand will increase. Remember Econ 101? Even the media is talking about these dolls:

Mittens Fluff N Stuff sells at Toys R Us for $24.99. As you can see, the item is out of stock online and for in store pickup:

This doll recently sold on eBay for $56. Prices are all over the board right now and have gone over $100 in the last week.

Sugar Cookie is another one out of stock on Toys R Us:

And one sold on Sunday (11/28) for $38.02 - BUT - look at the shipping charge - $22.35? They made a nice profit on the shipping mark-up!

Pay attention to these by searching the completed listings on eBay frequently.

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