Thursday, November 4, 2010

Antiques and Collectibles Resource

If you are selling items from estate sales, live auctions, thrift stores, or garage sales, you will come across all sorts of items that may look valuable but you aren't sure about. On the other hand, you may have walked by items that have value, but you just don't know what can be resold for a profit online. The amount of "stuff" out there is overwhelming.

To be the most successful selling online, you must continually educate yourself on the types of items that have value. As I tell my clients, "This is like getting a college degree - but the work never ends. You have to study every day. Read, ask questions, talk to other sellers, and continue to expand your knowledge." Antiques and collectibles are a HUGE niche. One great resource is the Kovels guide and website.

Kovels Antiques, started by Ralph and Terry Kovel, has been the antiques and collectibles experts for over half a century. They have written over 100 books about antiques and collecting, have a weekly column that appears on over 150 newspapers, and have been on numerous television shows including two series - "Flea Market Finds with the Kovels" for HGTV", and "Collector's Journal with Ralph and Terry Kovel" on the Discovery Channel.

On the Kovels website, you will find a plethora of information about antiques and collecting. It is worth spending some time there every day if you really want to break into this niche. The site provides a price guide with hundreds (maybe thousands) of items, a section on identifying marks, directory for auctions and appraisal services, discussion forums, and a free weekly newsletter. If you find an item and don't know its value or just want to learn more about it, visit the Kovels website.

You can also order the 2011 Kovels' Price Guide on Amazon:

I have a Kovels' guide in my family room and pick it up a few times a week to flip through. The information is really endless and you will only learn by continuing to study.

Have a great day on eBay!

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