Wednesday, September 1, 2010

eBay Marketing Strategy - Multiple Listings for the Same Item

If you are drop shipping, purchasing products wholesale, or other wise have multiples of the same exact item to sell on eBay, try this strategy.

Create multiple listings for the same items using different listing durations, keyword combinations, and even price points. Example: – if you sell an item for $12.95 with $3.95 shipping, try listing it $16.90 with free shipping. The total cost is the same, but FREE SHIPPING appeals to some buyers even if they don’t do the math! You will see other sellers doing this. Some sellers have over 20 listing for the same exact item. They create different title variations, listing types, and price points to appeal to a variety of customers.

This seller has over 5,600 listings. But that doesn't mean he has 5,600 products. I did a search for "yoga mat ball" and 71 listings in his store were returned. Click here to see them. Most of the 71 listings are for the same product. (The yoga balls differ in size, but you get the point.) This is different than creating 1 listing with multiple variations. You want to create different listings that will come up in different searches.

Now, if he is paying .20 per listing, this strategy costs him $14.70 for that one item. Consider the cost advertising fees. When looking through his feedback, I see that he sells quite a few of these yoga mat and ball sets each month. So apparently, the strategy is working.

But is it cost effective? Only you can decide that based on the fees and your profit on each item.

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