Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School Means Selling Box Tops for Education on eBay

BTFE’s, as they are known on eBay, do well all year around but especially when the kids go back to school. Since 1997, when General Mills launched the Box Tops for Education program schools in our country have earned over 300 million dollars in cash and merchandise. You are probably wondering why anyone would buy the BTFE’s when they are free on product packages. This is one of those times when eBay can earn you cash for your household trash!

Who are your BTFE buyers? Mostly it is parents, grandparents and alumni but can be just about anyone who wants to help a particular school. Schools and PTA’s who are trying to win an item will hold contests among classes, grades, and sometimes other schools. The box tops are worth 10 cents each and can be redeemed for everything from computers to gym equipment. The parents want to get involved so their child’s class or school can win. I’m sure you recognize the parent who wants their child to win at all costs. This is your eBay BTFE buyer.

The box tops are an easy item to store. They fit nicely in a baggie in your kitchen drawer right next to the scissors. This way the whole family can be involved in process. Sellers can expect a return of approximately $15 for each 100 BTFE’s sold. Here is a listing for 100 that sold for $15.50 on Sept 3:

You will see listings for lots of 500 to 2000. These should be neatly clipped and not expired. Not a bad return on what would have gone in your trash! For more ideas on what to sell on eBay, visit my eBay Seller's Facebook Group. We have 2,000 members networking and sharing their ideas.

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airbornewife said...

I have a big cookie jar packed full of these things, along with a ziploc bag as well. I would list them,, however I offered to donate them to a small school in the U.P. of Michigan.. I will try and remember this and list them next time. Thanks for the reminder about these. ~ Pam