Monday, July 19, 2010

Drive Traffic to Your eBay Store Using Amazon Reviews

Did you know you can write book and product reviews on Amazon? Here is a neat way to interact with your target audience and promote your eBay store just by writing short reviews on Amazon.

1. Sign into Amazon as either a buyer or a seller. If you do not have a profile set up, you will need to create one. This allows you to review books and products.

2. Go to the YOUR ACCOUNT page that looks like this:

2. Scroll to the bottom where it says PERSONALIZATION and choose YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE:

3. Set up your profile and include a link to your eBay Store as your web page. Amazon allows this. Your profile information is on the left side of the page:

4. Review books and products that your potential customers will be looking at. For example, let's say you sell baby items on eBay. Go to Amazon and look up books about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, or infant care that you have read, like this one:

5. Click on where it says REVIEWS and you will be taken to a page where you can write your own review. Keep it short, around 300 words. Your review will show up with the others and people checking out this product may hover their mouse over your name and they will see this:

6. Shoppers (your target customers) may click on your profile where they will see your link to your eBay store. (You can also use this technique to promote your website or blog. )

Does this sound like too much work? Some will think so, however, it is a simple internet marketing technique. Here are the benefits of this strategy:

1. Google will find you. If you name your Amazon profile with your business name (ex. Earth Friendly Baby Products), your Amazon profile will show up on Google. If someone Googles the book or product you reviewed, they may find you as a reviewer. If someone is on Amazon and lands on the book or product you reviewed, they may find you.

2. You are putting your link in front of potential customers who are shopping on the competitor's site.

3. This is free advertising. All that is required is your time.

The strategy here is like article marketing - the more content on the internet you have leading back to you, the better. The more reviews you write RELATED TO YOUR EBAY PRODUCTS the more hooks you have in the water and the more fish you will catch.

So, have you read any good books lately?
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KatyDid said...

Excellent suggestions! I've been writing reviews for Amazon on and off for ten years or so, and love that we're allowed to include a website. Thanks for pointing this out to those who weren't aware of it.