Friday, June 18, 2010

100% Cashmere Sells in the Summer, Too!

For those of you wondering, "Should I sell winter items in the summer, or wait to list them in the fall?" My answer:


Case in point, this used 100% cashmere sweater (Ralph Lauren Black Label) I sold today, June 17. I found this at a thrift store last week for $4.59. It sold for $49.95 today. The buyer is located in New York, where the temperature was 85 degrees today. My profit on this item is about $43.

Why should you sell cashmere in the summer?

1. Cashmere is expensive and highly sought after. People look for it year round.

2. Some people are allergic to wool and synthetic fibers and will only buy cashmere.

3. If you are shipping internationally, the seasons will be opposite of ours in the 3SA.

4. People travel to locations where the weather is cold - even when it is summer in the USA. Maybe they are going on an Alaskan cruise. Maybe they are traveling to Australia or New Zealand where it is winter right now. Think global not local.

5. It was 90 degrees here today in Atlanta and the last thing on my mind was wearing a sweater - but I still sold this item. Even in the United States, there are locations that are chilly year round. Some people may work indoors where the air conditioning is cold. There are lots of reasons why someone may want a sweater in the summer time.

6. You can often find off-season items very inexpensively as the example above shows.

Expand your mind and think beyond your own zip code and your own climate. You can see from this example that even in the stifling heat of summer, I was able to turn $4.59 into $43 in a week's time selling a sweater. Gotta love eBay!

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Missy said...

Excellent example of out of the box thinking when it comes to smart eBay selling.

At first glance it might not make sense to auction off a sweater in June, but as you proved above who are we to make this call.

Give 'em what they want, I say.