Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eBay Business Strategies - 9 Tips for eBay Success

Bruce, one of the few male members of the SAHM eBay Seller's Facebook group, shared this lovely post about his own personal tips for succeeding with his eBay business. Bruce owns US Camo, Etc on eBay, is a Top Rated seller, has over 5,000 feedbacks, and sells approximately 700 items a month. Here is Bruce's post.

The topic on how much do you make on eBay got me thinking of what I've done in the past in order to increase my sales and become somewhat a decent seller. I'll pass on a few of my tips, please add others as each seller has their own little "secrets". Also, success is what you make it. I was successful when I hit 100 FB's, then $1,000 in monthly sales, jumping with joy on a regular 5k month, and now celebrating 5000 feedbacks.

#1 - GREAT personal customer service... speaks for itself. This is one way I can get an advantage over my competition (and I have lots of it). All questions are answer asap, with a "Hello, thanks for inquiring about our store merchandise". If they include their name in the message, I address them by name. My reply ends with "Best Regards, and my full name with my eBay store underneath. Takes a little time but I want them to get to know me as a person.

#2 - Ship within 48 hours and 95% of the time, within 24 hours. I like to get stuff I order online asap and so do my customers. It's very easy to drive down the road and buy from the brick and mortar stores.

#3 - Give them the opportunity to return to your store...make it easy for them to find you. I include a business card with ALL info that is necessary for them to find or contact me including phone number, email, and website. I include a packing slip with this info as well as a personally signed "Thanks!" along with instructions on leaving feedback.

#4 - Stand behind your product. You don't like what you bought, send it back and I'll most likely refund your full amount including ship cost. I don't advertise this in the store, but I've had repeat business by doing this. I do make it clear on the refund that this is not my normal return policy. I do this on a per item basis... nice to me and I'll be nice to you!

#5 - Fair ship cost.... I can't stress this enough. Not only does it affect your DSR's, but buyers today do not like to pay a separate ship cost... or very little if they have to. Also, many sellers including myself do partial refunds when ship cost paid is quite a bit more than necessary. Give a refund they'll remember you by... being I'm a coin collector, if the amount of the ship cost refund is $2.00. I'll include a two dollar bill, a buck refund gets you a new dollar coin. People love it.

#6 - Keep an eye on the competition, do what they do that generates sales and do what they don't do to generate sales. Like the Taco Bell commercial... think outside the box.

#7 - Be part of an online group. Give support to sellers when they have slow periods and share the love when you're on a roll and having good selling periods. I've got to say...all of you are aces in this one!

#8 - Tell everyone what you do. Don't be a secret. Most people love to hear what I do with online selling. Get excited!!!

#9 - Set goals... you can't get from here to there without knowing where you're going.

(Reprinted with permission from Bruce.)

Thank you Bruce, for sharing these tips about your eBay business, and for being such an inspiration.

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Lori McAulliffe said...

THANK YOU BRUCE!! Sometimes even sellers you have been here a while need some reminders and a refresher course.

My favorite part of your comments was including the $2 Bill or $1 Coin. While we do refund overpayment on shipping, I really like this part, it makes you stand out!!

Keep up the great work and I pray for the Lord to Bless you with many successful sales.

Lori McAulliffe
Rocket City Sales