Saturday, May 1, 2010

Claire Burke Candles - Tuesday Morning Item to Sell on eBay

Claire Burke is a company that makes potpourri, candles, room sprays, and other home fragrance type items. Claire Burke items are usually sold at small gift shops, home interior design stores, and small pharmacies, and the merchandise is getting harder and harder to find. There isn't very much of it on eBay.

I was in Tuesday Morning today and saw quite a few Claire Burke candles. Most of them were marked at $4-$5. These items are selling on eBay for double or triple the Tuesday Morning price. Here is a listing for a Claire Burke candle that sold for $12:

Not a huge profit, but maybe something to make a few bucks on if you can find several at your local Tuesday Morning store. For more items like this that you can sell on eBay, check out my latest Hot List with 25 items.

Happy Selling!

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