Monday, February 15, 2010

Knockoff Designer Handbags - Don't Even Try it on eBay!

I get this question quite often, "Can I sell knockoff designer handbags on eBay if I say that they are not authentic?" The answer, absolutely not! Here is why:

1) The counterfeit product industry fuels all sorts of illegal activity including prostitution, money laundering, and drugs. eBay wants no part of that.

2) The legitimate manufacturers work closely with eBay to monitor listings for knockoff designer handbags. Granted, there are millions of listings to monitor so this is a tough job. But just keep in mind that the manufacturers don't like their high quality merchandise devalued by cheap imitation products.

3) The eBay community is watching. Sellers of authentic handbags know their stuff and they can take a look at your photos and spot a fake. You can be reported by another eBay member. If you are reported, your listing will be pulled (with no refunds) and you can be suspended.

If you find a "designer" handbag at a garage store or thrift store for $5, you can be pretty sure it is a fake. Knockoff designer handbags are all over the place so don't be fooled. Here is a good article about how to identify a counterfeit handbag:

How to Identify a Counterfeit Handbag or Purse

Be careful out there, and happy selling!

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Unknown said...

I agree, I recently sold a dooney and bourke that I had gotten for good price at a garage sale ($15) but was SURE it was legit. To sell it I took many pictures. I did research on the signs that showed it was real and took pictures of those all of those things. I paid a lot for the listing because of that but it was the only way for me to prove it was real - since I didn't buy the bag myself. I was also honest about where I purchased it. I have no doubt the listing would have been pulled if it was fake, since that happens.

I think you can sell items that you purchase for little money if you are fairly sure it really is 'real', take pictures of why, and are honest about why. I bought something once where someone said they thought it was real. No way- not even close but that was years ago and ebay is much more careful now


Anonymous said...

This has affected my Ebay business a great deal. I sell genuine designer handbags, not imitations or knockoffs. Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who think that ALL handbags on Ebay are fake. My bags still sell, but it's really frustrating.

SandyK said...

Perfect timing, Suzanne! My mom just gave me a new in the box Coach bag that my sister had "gifted" her .... it's not her style, but my sister lives in NYC and one never knows WHERE she picked it up! I wanted to be sure before I listed it ~ LOVE the reference links! THANKS ONCE AGAIN!


Armando Filoteo said...

Same here. We get consignment requests for knock offs every now and then and I say NO WAY! Same goes for Tiffany stuff, even if they claim it's real, we don't even touch it. We've tried before but each Tiffany auction we listed, about 3 total, was pulled by eBay immediately.

BTW, just subscribed to your blog, I have an eBay consignment blog called The Sellerizer @ if you want to check it out.


Paula said...

Great info. I know what to look for now with Coach and Dooney to tell if its real, but in the beginning I did get tricked by a fake coach and yes it got pulled by ebay.

Anonymous said...

There is no longer a community on Ebay authenticating purses. Griff had them all kicked off. So, there won't be any problem there. The best reason not to list a knock off is because it's wrong.