Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Sell on Etsy – Part Two

Lisa, one of my coaching clients and an Etsy seller, continues her series on how to sell on Etsy.

Smart marketing on Etsy will significantly increase your chances for a sale. This article is designed to help you understand your marketing options and how to use them to your advantage. A Showcase is just one of the marketing services Etsy provides. There is a long list of general Showcase categories to choose from, for example jewelry. Each general category is broken out into a more specific category, for example earrings.

Customers are able to access the showcases through the Etsy home page. Because there are so many items and categories on Etsy, many customers choose to find items through the Showcases. The cost for a Showcase on Etsy is $7 for 24-hours. There are even more visible Showcases on Etsy that cost $15 for 24-hours, but I recommend you try the less expensive Showcases to start with.

There are a limited number of Showcase spots available for each day, so you will be seen by buyers, but it’s important to choose one of your most eye-catching items to use in your Showcase and excellent photos of your item are key to Showcase success. This will help ensure that buyers will be interested enough to click through on your item. Once they have clicked through, they are in your store. If the item they have clicked on doesn’t interest them, there is a good chance they will browse through your store increasing your chance of a sale.

Business cards are an inexpensive and relatively effective marketing tool. Be sure to send your business card or several business cards with every sale. Ask local businesses if they would allow you to put your business cards by the register. Some businesses even provide a bulletin board for local business owners to display their cards. While business cards shouldn’t be your only marketing tool, they are a great way to get your name out.

Today’s social media outlets are an incredible FREE way to market your Etsy business. Etsy even provides a tool that allows you to easily post every item you list to your Facebook page.

Tweet about your Etsy business on Twitter and add a link to your store. Since Twitter limits Tweets to 140 characters, you will want to take advantage of the FREE software available to shorten your url. This will leave you more room for your marketing copy. is one of many of these FREE software tools.

You can visit Lisa's Etsy store here.

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Debbie J said...

This is very helpful. My Etsy shop is very inconsistent in sales. A couple of weeks ago I sold several items back to back and then nothing for two weeks. Here's my link:

I love both your blogs!