Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Increase eBay Traffic by Naming Images

eBay selling gives you lots of opportunities to include images. Use this to your advantage! Learn how to strategically name your images to increase traffic to your listings.

Name your image using the same key words as your title. For example, if you are selling Listerine Teeth Whitening kits, name your image, "Listerine_teeth_whitening_kit." The name you create for your image becomes the alt tag for it, and search engines can find it and direct traffic to your image. So, not only do you have the item title out there, you now have the image title, in addition to the key words in the description.

Naming images is an effective trick to improve search engine optimization. So next time you are taking batches of photos, take a few minutes to name your image something specific and relevant, rather than just the random number your camera generates.

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