Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shipping Tip - USPS Flat Rate Mailers Not Just for Documents

A few clarifications and notes:

1) When I say, "You can put anything in these," of course I mean anything that is allowed by the post office. It has to be legal is the point.

2) Domestic flat rate, unlimited weight, $4.95 before adding Delivery Confirmation, insurance, etc.

3) International flat rate, 4 lb weight limit, $12.95 before adding tracking, insurance, etc. Customs form must be attached.

4) Flap must seal on its own. Envelope must not be modified - cut, 2 taped together, etc.

5) Click here to order the Flat Rate cardboard mailer online.

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Forget going to the post office - try The primary benefit to is that it is the only online shipping site that allows you to print First Class International at home. I ship 75+ packages a week, 90% of them go out of the country as FCI or in Flat Rate envelopes. I never go to the post office!

Happy Selling,


Anonymous said...

I have fit a mens Large Sweatshirt in ine of these.
I love flat rate envies!!


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the info Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

I have put in plus size clothing into these. I have put in a 4x dress into one envelope, it was a challenged but it was done. Its all in the way you fold the clothes. I used them for mailing out jeans, anything clothing that is over 13oz. that can be crammed into that envelope.

Paula said...

Thanks, Suzanne. Great info. I was wondering if the new small flat rate box they came out with would work the same way? It is only $4.95 too.
Also, you said that the envelope must close on its own. If you seal it with their tape strip and then put your own tape over it for extra security, is that ok?

mary said...

Thanks so much Suzanne.......again! You just saved me $3.50 on an item I underestimated shipping on!

Garry said...

Suzanne......Whats the USPS item number for those Domestic flat rate, unlimited weight, $4.95 envelopes

Bruce said...

Most of my flat rate envelopes are stuffed and I always tape them shut... never had a problem. Print the postage online and get delivery confirmation for free. Best deal around!