Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kroger Clearance Item to Sell on eBay - Aveeno Sunblock

I've been watching Kroger clearance out their sunblock to reset the shelves for spring and summer. It looks like the Aveeno Active Naturals sunblock SPF 45 is going away for good. The original price was $9.99 (other SPF factors are still on the shelves at this price), it was marked down to $4.94 last week, and today it was in the clearance bin for $2.49. I had some $1 off Aveeno coupons that came out about 2 weeks ago, making my final cost $1.49 plus tax. I bought all they had.

Aveeno sun products are GREAT sellers on eBay. Right now isn't sunblock season in the USA, but it is coming. I should make around $5-$7 on each of these when I sell them. I wasn't able to find any completed listings at this time, but this is an excellent deal if you have the coupons and find this at your Kroger. As always, offer international shipping.

Look for this tag:

And use this coupon:

Click here to read more about selling Kroger items on eBay. And if you need extra coupons, get them here.

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