Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super Hot Discontinued Item to Sell on eBay - At Your Local Drug Store


Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Care Cream. This item has been discontinued. It works great on eczema, and those who use it are looking on eBay for it. It costs about $10 per tube (retail), and you can find it at your local drug store. It will be in the First Aid aisle, right by the Sarna lotion, or other cortizone or itch-relieving type lotions. I found it at CVS, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. (Rite-Aid, Target, Kroger, or other grocery stores did NOT carry it. Best to check CVS and Walgreens.)

I must confess, I discovered this hot seller about a month ago and spent a few weeks scouring Atlanta for every tube I could find. It isn't easy to find. My best sale was $81 for two tubes! WOW - $61 profit on one sale! It is still selling for about $20 a tube, which is a nice profit if you can find any.

Good luck finding some!


Shammara said...

Great tip! that profit margin is impressive..

Anonymous said...

Why are you spreading this information? You are hurting my sales on eBay!!!

Suzanne A. Wells said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. This information will help others make some money selling this product. It is very hard to find and many stores don't even carry it anymore. The challenge will be in finding the product in the first place.

Best of luck with your eBay ventures and thanks for visiting my blog!

Mindy said...

I looked at this at my local Wal-Mart but had no luck. Thanks for the tip though! I enjoy your blog.

Jes A. Bella said...

I found some this week too. I am debating about selling it though because our son has eczema and I found out you can use this on babies! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I think its great you telling everyone. Thats what you do right?
Things like this dont last long!!!
Good Marketing

Klennon1 said...

How did you know it was being discontinued and that it would be a hot item?

Suzanne A. Wells said...

Hi, Kathy. My kids and I use this lotion and it is great for eczema or dry patches. A couple of months ago, I began having a hard time finding it and emailed Aveeno to find out why. They told me that the item has been discontinued and will be rereleased at an unknown future date.

Then the light bulb came on. If I am having a hard time finding this item, I wondered if others were. Hmmm, I wonder what it is selling for on eBay. After searcing current and completed listings, I found that people were selling this on eBay for over $40 a tube! It costs $9.99 retail. So, then I really started looking.

Thanks for visiting!