Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to Add a Note to eBay Listings - Inventory Number, Bin Number, or Other Info

Wanted to share this tip with you about how to add a note to your eBay listings. I really like this feature because it is visible on listings in all views of your eBay Seller Hub. A huge time saver when shipping because you can use it for an inventory number, bin number, location number or some other identifying code about where you store the item - and it is visible only to you, not buyers. So you don't have to waste space in your title with irrelevant search info and you don't have to open the listing to find the info.

Quick tutorial:

Go to your Seller Hub, choose active listings

Next, select the listing(s) you want to add the note to. Then go to the actions drop down box, and choose add/edit note.

Add your note(s). You can do several at a time - I don't know what the maximum number is that you can add or edit at once is.

You will see the note in any of your item views in Seller Hub - active, awaiting shipment, ended, etc. No more opening the listing to find the inventory or bin number when doing your shipping. Every minute counts with an eBay business!

This has been working great for our virtual assistant clients. They can provide the inventory number or location code when sending their other info, and we just add it using the notes feature.

Hope this was helpful.

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