Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to See Number of Views on Your eBay Items

Sometimes it is a good idea to end a listing if it has a lot of views and re-start it. eBay's search engine, Cassini, likes active stores and active listings. The older a listing gets without a purchase, the more it can be pushed down in search because Cassini sees it as an unsuccessful listing. Cassini is all about the buyer experience, and rewards certain actions and punishes others. You may unknowingly be doing things that are pushing you down in search and affecting your sales.

To reach the largest number of buyers, it is crucial to place high in eBay search. This fact has been mentioned several times on eBay Radio, eBay's YouTube Channel, and in eBay webinars since Cassini was introduced in 2013.

Since having your stores critiqued, many of you have emailed me asking how to see the number of views on your eBay items. Here are the steps:

Go to your eBay Seller Hub

Choose Active Listings

 Look for a column titled Views

If you do not see the views column, you may need to add it. Look for the word "customize" on the top right of the screen.

Click customize, then choose views.

You can arrange the columns any way you like. You can also sort by views so you can pull up the listings with the most views and decide if you should end them and start them over.

If you did not know that a lot of views can push you down in search, there may be other things you don't know about your eBay listings that could be hurting your sales. SEO, search engine optimization is very important in placing higher in search where buyers can see your listings.  I can help you with an eBay store critique.

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