Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July on eBay- It is Real!

I always thought Christmas in July was just a marketing ploy by retailers to get rid of holiday merchandise in the slow summer months. But, people all over the world really do throw Christmas in July parties with all the trimmings. My daughter and I have sold 2 Christmas related items on eBay this month:

Scooby Doo winter scrub top - Goodwill $3

Yankee Candle topper - Garage sale $1

We sold one Christmas craft item on Amazon:

Jingle Bear Latch Hook Kit - 82 cents at Goodwill, sold for $25

This is why everything you have for sale should be listed as soon as possible and left up for sale all year long. People can't buy what isn't listed! Holiday themed items can sell at any time, not just during the time that retailers are pushing decorations and accessories for a particular holiday.  (See the post, "If you have it, list it!") The average person isn't thinking about Christmas items selling in the middle of the summer. Here is a screenshot of eBay SOLD listings (not completed, but listings that actually sold) with the keyword Christmas in the title:

And a screenshot of sold listings with the keyword Santa Claus in the title:

Have you sold any Christmas items this month? If so, show them off in the comments section below this post. (And give yourself a shameless plug at the same time!)

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