Saturday, May 5, 2012

eBay Goes Green with its Green Driving Site

If you are looking for a new tool to connect you with eco-friendly driving information and vehicle, look no further than eBay! eBay recently announced the opening of eBay Green Driving.

eBay Green Driving has tools and resources, and green vehicles and vehicle parts. You get all of this through one website. They are introducing drivers to green vehicles thus helping the public save money when they purchase green vehicles. With the rising cost of fuel every day, it’s a fact that green vehicles are less expensive to drive. Your fuel cost will plummet when you choose a green vehicle.

The new eBay Green Driving site has amazing features that include:

  • Fuel Type Comparison Tool; This tool gathers information from the Department of Energy, their website is it compares fuel technology, data on driving range, estimated green vehicle cost, estimated annual fuel costs, along with the ecological impact and other relevant information.  
  • eBay Green Machines; Here you can get a look at the green vehicles that are for sale now, or those vehicles that have already been sold on eBay Motors. Some of those green vehicles include a 1919 Rauch & Lang Electric Coach, and the 2012 Fisker Karma. This is a great place to get current information about the most unique green vehicles.
  • Popular Green Vehicles; Here you will find information on the most popular green vehicles today such as the hybrid Toyota Prius, or the electric Tesla Roadster.
  • Once you have read the information from the above categories, go back to the eBay Motors ads if you are looking to purchase a green vehicle now. If you do not know exactly which vehicle you are looking for and want to see them all categorically, search eBay vehicle inventor. You may look them up by fuel type, body style or lifestyle.

    Green Driving New and Reviews a great resource for those who want to learn everything there is to know about green vehicles. eBay Green Driving will update their website often with current content about the latest green vehicle information. eBay hopes that Green Driving site visitors will enjoy and learn from their website. It may be a good resource for making those scouting trips eco-friendly! For more information, click here.

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