Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Item to Sell on eBay and Amazon – Baby Monitors

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Pay attention to your feedback comments on eBay and Amazon. You can glean valuable information about why consumers are buying your products, and learn how products are being used for other than their intended purposes. This information can help you market your products better, and discover product niches that you may not have thought of.

I learned this a few years ago when selling on eBay UK. One buyer clued me in that Preparation H ointment as a wrinkle treatment. (People keep it in the refrigerator and dab it around their eyes in the morning to reduce swelling.) Another buyer left a comment about using Swiffer Sweeper refills as anti-static packing material for computer parts. And yet another buyer informed me that Kool-Aid powder is used as a non-toxic hair dye, or for art projects. Finally, one customer left a feedback that said, “Can’t get this in UK because of health care system.” The product was toothpaste with peroxide – it was not available for purchase in the UK. After reading that comment, I listed almost every brand of toothpaste with peroxide for sale in my UK store, and toothpaste became one of my best sellers.

I recently received this comment after selling a baby monitor, “Great product- does just what I wanted without static. I use it with an elderly parent since I sleep upstairs.” Aha. I had purchased quite a few baby monitors and surveillance systems on clearance from Babies R Us last summer. They all sold well at at least $20 profit. Later I learned that people also use baby monitors to monitor their pets kept in another part of the house or basement.

The point I want to make here is to pay attention to the feedback comments your buyers leave. Listen to your customers so you can provide the products they want.

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