Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My $5 Millon Reward from eBay for Outstanding Selling!

So you know those emails you get from eBay, about listings specials or tips? The ones you kind of just glaze over and skim?  Well one of those came in last night and I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I think the neighbors heard me laughing hysterically and probably wondered what was up. Here is the email:

They have raised my selling limits to $5,000,000. I had to count the zeros. 5 million dollars? This just made me laugh. What thrift store picker can ever list this much? I went on my eBay Selling Manager to verify this wasn't some kind of spam or hack, and it is true:

I can list 96,972 more items this month. And it is the last day of May, so it all starts over again tomorrow.  My son and I had a good laugh, like we better get to Goodwill right this second and start shopping. I think I am going to need more storage for the 97,000 items I can list.

What's really funny is that this has been one of my worst months ever on eBay - and they still gave me this astronomical increase. I purposely wasn't listing knowing I was going to be moving due to my personal situation, and have been spending a lot of time getting ready for my traveling workshop trainings. So eBay was on the back burner and I haven't been shopping or listing for a few weeks.

I know some sellers don't even have limits because their accounts are so old, but seeing $5 million dollars as my limit was sort of surreal. But this just shows that if you are consistent, dedicated, give good service, and take care of your business over the years, you can do great things.

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