Thursday, March 30, 2017

eBay Seller Success Story - Reseller Kim S. in Hawaii

It has been just over 2 weeks since my eBay Overstock and Liquidation Group started, and things are rolling along well for many sellers. But the gold star for sales goes to Kim S., who lives in Hawaii. Kim is also a Virtual Assistant client so we have had a good working relationship for several months and she decided to up her game and explore this new way of making money with eBay inventory. She  has access to high end brands, knows fashion trends, and is a very savvy shopper. Some of her favorite brands to sell include:
  • Anthropologie
  • Lululemon
  • Theory
  • St. John
  • Free People
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Escada
  • Nanette Lepore
  • Miss Me
  • Lily Pulitzer

Her $50 investment to sell on the group has paid huge dividends! She has sold 4 lots to date for a total price of $340. Below are  her lots:

Kim's challenge is that she lives in Hawaii, so it costs more to get items from her. She configures her lots to fit in flat rate boxes, to keep shipping costs as low as possible for buyers on the mainland. 

Kim has been an eBay seller since 2012 and currently has 200+ items in her store. She sells over 100 items a month, so she is one smart cookie! Visit her store here. 

I'm sharing Kim's success with you to show how one seller has learned to "work" this new business model. An eBay seller selling items in affordable lots to other sellers who can then resell them for profit. So basically, Kim has become a supplier of higher end items to other sellers who can then turn a profit. Everybody wins!

Kim's $50 investment has produced $340 in sales in just 2 weeks. If you are an eBay seller with access to good quality inexpensive inventory, consider joining this group to connect with other sellers who need inventory. (Check out my detailed video here with all the details of how the group works.) You can more of what has sold here as we are keeping track of the history of lots sold.

I'll be sharing more success stories and how this group is working for other sellers - not just the ones providing the inventory but the ones who have purchased inventory and are selling it on eBay. This is a great way to connect the haves with the have nots.

The group is free to join, and to sell items there is only a low $50 per month fee to connect with hundreds of buyers waiting to purchase your items.You won't pay until you are ready to post your first lot, so come join us and see what this new platform is all about.

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