Friday, February 17, 2017

eBay Success Story - Best Offer Increases eBay Sales

Bonnie sent this email after having her store critiqued and resisting putting Best Offer on everything. I recommended it to her, and her reply was:

"I have tried Best Offer at different times without much luck.  I have used the reject a price lower than and straight best offer.  I get very low offers a lot of the time and when I counter, I never hear again.  I use calculated shipping on every item and many people try to make offers and then add free shipping.  On offers that I do accept, people take a long time to pay or don’t pay so I opted not to use Best Offer. "

I told her I was still standing by my suggestion to add it. Even if you get 1 offer out of 20 you can accept, that is still a sale. And those add up over time. 

So Bonnie tried it, and sent me this email last night:

"I wanted to report back to you about using the Best Offer Option.  I listened to a video Saturday and one of the people talked about using Best Offer.  He talked about not being offended by low ball offers because we as resellers try to get the best deal we can when we buy, so some of our buyers are doing the same.  After your talking about using BO and hearing that I decided to give it a try.  I added Best Offer to everything $12 and up late Saturday night.  Below are my results.


I received a BO.  I countered after about 45 minutes, but apparently before she read the message, she bought the item outright.

I had an item with BO that someone bought outright.

I had an item that someone in Australia offered quite a bit less on, but after checking comps, I could see the person was in the ballpark so I accepted and he paid within 10 minutes.  With over 1000 listings, it is impossible to keep checking comps and adjusting prices so offers force us to do that.


I listed an item Sunday with BO, someone bought outright.

I had an item with BO that I had quite awhile, someone bought outright.


I had an item I received an offer on and after going back and forth, I accepted her offer.  She paid within 10 minutes and sent me a thank you note.

I had another item with BO that someone bought outright.

I just wanted to let you know that I am now a believer in BO.  I am wondering if it also helps move you up in searches, so that people see the item even if they aren’t making an offer.

I haven’t had a chance to add shipping to Canada myself yet, but hope to figure that out in the next week and get that going. 

Thanks for your persistence on using BO."

Visit Bonnie's store here and check out what she sells.

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