Wednesday, August 10, 2016

$18 Thrift Store Item Sells for $1,799

Wow, another amazing sale by a regular person just like you! Karen posted this sale on my Facebook group this week:

So here is the back story, directly from Karen:

"I was in a used bookstore and the cards just caught my eye. I hesitated paying $18 for used oracle cards but I paid attention to my intuition. I looked them up when I got home and couldn't believe what they were listed for. Someone on Amazon had them listed for as much as $7,500. There were 2 sets in the $2,500 range. I did a whole lot of research on them. I knew they were pretty rare but didn't think I would get that much for them. I had nothing to lose so I listed them at $2,400. Over the course of 4 months, I gradually lowered the price. I was completely surprised and amazed when I logged on to my computer and saw they sold for $1,799.

This is the first set of oracle or tarot cards I have ever sold but I do have a wide variety of things in my eBay store. I generally just sell books on Amazon. 

My profit is $1,474 after Amazon fees, postage, and insurance. I shipped them with express mail with signature required and insurance. The insurance company would only insure up to $1,500 but that's good enough.

Of course I am thinking there's a chance something could go wrong with the sale. They might want to return or something else could happen to the package. That's why it's insured and has signature required. But it's silly to waste time and energy worrying about that. I believe we all get what we think about and if we focus on bad things that might happen, then they might. It's worth the risk. I'm absolutely holding he money until I'm sure nothing will go wrong. I was in banking 27 years before I retired and I'm pretty cautious about spending money I don't have. I've seen what it can do to people.

It's all worth the risk. I've been selling for 13 years and my philosophy is to treat people with respect and kindness and have a sense of humor. Sure, I've let myself get annoyed once in a while but only until I remember it's just not worth it to lose my positive attitude."

Thanks so much for sharing Karen, and congrats on this fantastic sale!

Visit Karen's store eBay store, Art and Other Things, to check out her inventory for sale.

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