Friday, July 29, 2016

eBay HTML Changes Coming in 2017 - My Real Karma is eBay Approved!

In the 2016 eBay Seller Update, eBay announced that the rules for HTML in the listing description will change. The official word from eBay is as follows:

Remove active content for peak performance

The use of active content in listings, including JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions inhibits purchases on mobile devices and can lead to abuse in the marketplace. Beginning with the Spring 2017 Seller Update, eBay will limit the use of active content in all new listings across all devices and it will not be rendered by default. By the Fall Seller Update 2017, we plan to remove or block listings with active content. We encourage you to limit your use of active content now. We will provide more information later this year about which functionality will be limited and provide the specific timing in early 2017 We are also working closely with our third-party partners in cases where they use active content on your item descriptions or stores. (Read eBay's update here.)

I have personally spoken with Alex, the CEO of My Real Karma and he and is developers are on board with this upcoming change and are already addressing it. As a approved third-party partner, My Real Karma code on eBay listings WILL NOT have any adverse affects on your listings appearing i search. Your listings WILL NOT BE BLOCKED.

If you aren't using My Real Karma yet, check it out here. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Alex for more info.

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