Tuesday, September 8, 2015

eBay Sellers - Check TJ Maxx for Final Clearance Deals

Katie was kind enough to share her amazing finds on my Facebook Group last week. She said,

"Final clearance time at TJ Maxx, I just got a bag full of Under Armour bikinis, Lucky shoes, Tory Burch belt, Calvin Klein dresses, and more for $1 each, as well as a new summer wardrobe for myself and my son next year. I don't know if all of the TJ Maxx stores do it at the same time but this is the end of it at my local store. Sure beats secondhand Goodwill prices!"

There was quite a bit of discussion on the thread (134 comments) where sellers were sharing what stores had this kind of final clearance in their area. Katie added,

"I was told every TJ Maxx has its 3 days twice a year, the end of the summer season and end of winter. Last winter was the first time I hit it, and I'm still selling those things. They don't advertise other than their normal clearance ads, whatever's left on Monday will be donated to charity."

Here is Katie's receipt:

Another seller, Sherry, posted her receipt after rushing out to her TJ Maxx and finding a nice haul:

So a couple of things to emphasize here:

1. You will never go wrong helping someone. Sharing this kind of info on these groups helps a lot of people. Knowledge is power - so the more we share, the more we empower other people. (Join my Facebook Group here.)

2. Inventory is all around you - it is really about paying attention. The more you expand your sources of  inventory, the more opportunities you will find, and the more successful you will be.

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