Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make Money Selling Fragrance Samples and Trial Sizes on eBay

I just love garage and estate sales. I love digging through the boxes and looking for the hidden gems. It's the thrill of the hunt, meeting new people, and never knowing what cool things you might come home with to sell on eBay. One of those things is fragrance samples and trial sizes.

Yes, they sell! You can batch these types of items together and sell for good money. I'm talking about all the little samples you get when you buy cosmetics or fragrances at the mall or from Avon or Mary Kay. Some people have stockpiles of that stuff and it ends up in their garage sales. Estate sales are great for these kinds of products because sometimes there are decades worth of fragrance samples and trial sizes in a big box and you can negotiate a killer price.

I purchased the items in the photo above at an estate sale yesterday for $15. The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds products will sell for about $50 in a lot. The Poison EDT is 1/3 full and will sell for around $25. Not bad for 10 minutes worth of work on my way home from Saturday morning errands.

Need more proof? Here are some eBay stats:

6,000+ completed sold listings for "perfume samples"

2,000+ completed sold listings for "cologne samples"

6,500+ completed sold listings for "EDT samples" (eau de toilette)

There is probably some overlap, some listings with a full size container included, but you get the idea. There is definitely a demand for "itty bitty" fragrance samples on eBay.

Remember fragrances are flammable and HAZMAT and can only be shipped parcel select (ground). They may not be shipped First Class or Priority.

Now go check your bathroom junk drawers and see what you have to sell!

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