Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Discontinued Shampoo to Sell on eBay - Redken Densify Shampoo for Men

Redken for Men Thick Boost Densify has been discontinued. It normally sells for about $19 a bottle at stores like Ulta and salons. This shampoo is selling for $50 and up per bottle on both eBay and Amazon. Here are a few examples of recent sales:

Lot of 3 bottles of Redken for Men Densify sold for $149 on May 15

1 Bottle sold for $54.99 on May 14

As of this writing, there are no full size bottles for sale on eBay (which means you can set your price if you find it).

There are 4 offers on Amazon starting at $44.00 + $4.89 shipping.

As you can see, discontinued health and beauty items can mean big profits on eBay. Look for these items at close out stores like Big Lots, WalMart, Target, salons, and other stores that sell hair care products. If you want to know how to identify discontinued items that sell for big profit, I am happy to share my process during a phone consultation. Book your appointment today and stop leaving money on the table!

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