Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Amazon Success Story - 5 Years Later

I received this email a couple of weeks ago from a client I worked with in 2010 (5 years ago). His story is inspiring and shows that with hard work and a commitment to success, anything can be achieved. Am so proud of you Jorge and for what you have accomplished.

"Hello, Suzanne.  I can't recall ever taking this long to reply, but I am going to look at things on the bright side and say that it's  'better late than never.'  With many apologies included, of course :)

How could I summarize almost 5 years in a single email?  It makes sense to start from where I am today and go back.

I have over 10,000 transactions under my belt selling on Amazon, mostly from DVD orders fulfilled by Amazon.  Amazingly enough, I have been able to maintain 100% positive feedback, though it's been no easy task.  I have had plenty of customer service issues to deal with, but fortunately I've been able to resolve all but one (and that one doesn't bring me under 99.5% positive so it rounds out to 100%).

I have been making a living selling on Amazon since October of 2012, when I was able to quit the 9 to 5.  It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but I have maintained gross profits above the minimum desired level for going on 3 years now.

I am now at a crossroads, again.  I have recently resumed working on getting approval to sell DVDs with MSRPs over $25.  I worked on getting approval full time between September and November of last year (selling on Amazon became part time, but with full time pay luckily).

After the new policy took effect in mid November, I then started working on getting back up to where I was when I could sell the newly restricted DVDs.  My profits dropped 50% in December of 2014 compared to the prior year, and January of this year was also a bit rough.  But then I was back up to speed in February, and since March I have actually doing better than I had been in prior years.  So far my sales are up around 25% compared to the year to date numbers in 2013 and 2014, and YTD gross profits are even higher compared to 2013 and 2014.

So what was once an oversight is now my core business.  If I could get approval for the over $25 MSRP DVDs and could apply the newly acquired sourcing techniques, I could comfortably triple what I was averaging in 2013 and 2014.

That, in a nutshell, is what has been going on with my business.  There are plenty more details naturally, but it is certainly not my intention to give you an overwhelming account of what's happened in the past few years.  If you would like to know some more specifics out of curiosity or if you feel you might find some of these details useful, then please let me know and I would be happy to share anything you would like to know.

Can't say so long for now without thanking you again for having made all of this possible.  Your coaching gave me the foundation for everything I am currently doing in my business.  I remember that you even covered flipping eBay items, though at the time I had no idea that would become my primary sourcing method.

It would be nice to know how you are doing, time permitting of course.  I imagine you might be as busy as you were before or possibly more so.  I remember back in 2010 you were involved in a number of different things.  I just do one thing and that definitely keeps me quite occupied.

I look forward to hearing from you,


I am honored to be a part of helping someone build their business and love getting emails like this.
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