Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Are you using LinkedIn? 350 million other users in 200 countries are. That's a lot of people in one place on a website to network with.

Some of you know that I am actively seeking a new career right now, in addition to selling on eBay and coaching. (It's time for a new adventure!) I have been taking classes on how to use LinkedIn and wanted to share what I have learned. If you aren't using LinkedIn to network and grow your business, it is time to learn.

LinkedIn is NOT a place to sell your eBay items. I can't stress this enough. Nobody will stay connected with you if you are constantly posting "buy my stuff" on your page. LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals and network. You will meet all kinds of people that you can connect with others, as well as connections that could enhance your business.

Let's make sure you understand what networking means. This concept is often misunderstood. Networking is not about you, it is about other people and community. Give before you take. Learn what others do so you can connect people who can benefit each other. In turn, they should learn about what you do so they can made beneficial connections for you.By using LinkedIn, you could find:

Suppliers for products / opportunities to buy inventory
People who need help selling their items (consignment)
Information about community events, classes, seminars that could help your business
Local sellers to network with

A few quick tips:

Make your profile as complete as possible so you can be found in searches.

Provide a photo. People want to work with people not blank-faced avatars.

Use the correct keywords to describe what kind of work you do.

Make lots of connections - search for people you already know from different spheres of influence from your life such as extended family, neighbors, past and present co-workers, college and high school classmates, your kids friends parents, your healthcare professionals, etc.

Give and ask for endorsements and recommendations. An endorsement is where you recognize your connections skills such as ecommerce, internet marketing, or social media. Recommendations are written comments about someone's work.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here and feel free to leave an endorsement or recommendation. I am happy to reciprocate to help you build your profile.

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