Monday, October 20, 2014

13 Holiday Foods to Sell Online 

With the holiday season fast approaching, many sellers jump on the toy and seasonal train. I have seen over the last 11 years that that ride is oversold. Three years ago I decided to take a different approach to 4th quarter sales and instead of focusing on the hottest toys, I focused on what makes the holidays great- FOOD. 

Groceries are consumables and customers often buy multiples of an item. Add on top of that the 4th quarter is one of the busiest seasons for entertaining, family gatherings, and falling off the diet wagon- foods are the hottest items. Best of all foods aren't usually returned - if somebody gets duplicates as a gift, they just eat it! (Unlike toys and other gifts that may be returned.)

From grocery items given as gifts to military care packages- food is the language of love. So why not be part of creating amazing memories while creating a great bank account this 4th quarter?

What I learned about what sells in the grocery category this time of year may shock you. I know it shocked me. And that’s why I created my latest eBook Hidden Holiday Food Items That Sell, Sell, Sell.

Previously only available by as part of a package deal and to former students of my Amazon Grocery Course, this ebook is now available for a limited time for instant download. Products listed in this eBook can be sold on either eBay or Amazon.

What are people saying about Hidden Holiday Items That Sell, Sell, Sell?

"The eBook was wonderful! A lot of the products that were featured I never even thought of.  It has given me some great ideas to work with, thank you!" ~ Caroline
"I never knew people eating gluten-free were using the 2nd product on the list to make desserts. Even though I might not sell it, I can use that idea to make some great recipes for my family!" ~Steph

"Thanks for the eBook and for the tips on what not to sell. I saw some of those items posted on a Facebook group and will now avoid selling them for the reasons you mentioned." ~ Eddie
Remember this book is available for a limited time only so get your copy now!
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