Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Online Class - How to Make Money Selling Groceries on Amazon

I am excited to offer live interactive e-classes! These classes are designed for the serious student who wants to grow their online business with the help of a live teacher in a small group interactive environment. Classes will be held via GoTo Training on a weekly or monthly basis. The grocery class is now available! offers over 665,000 items in the grocery category, and millions of buyers shop on Amazon every day. Do you want to learn to make thousands of dollars a month selling grocery products on Amazon? Grocery items are consumable, plentiful, and many products are not available in all parts of the country but buyers look to Amazon as their online grocery supplier. The key to a successful grocery business is identifying products you can repeat for several weeks, months, or even years. Your work as a grocery seller is in restocking products that sell well and discovering new products along the way as you go out on weekly replenishing trips. You don't have to scan for hours and hours every time you go scouting. In fact, you don't have to go scouting at all. Now you can learn how to use your local grocery store to source profitable and repeatable products to sell on Amazon. 
I've been selling groceries on Amazon since 2011 and have learned how the Amazon grocery business works though over 2 years of trial and error. In this 90 minute online class, I will share:

Why groceries are profitable to sell

Basic grocery category rules

Types of items to sell

Types of items to avoid

How to discover products to sell without using a scouting tool

Pricing strategies

How to move away from the herd of Amazon FBA sellers

How to cut inventory costs

Creative sourcing techniques

How to use Amazon reports and other free resources to identify product opportunities

Pitfalls to avoid

Question and Answer session following presentation 

View a video about exactly what the course covers:

Update: This class is not an instant download. Purchase "The ABCs of Selling Groceries on Amazon" here and get started right away.

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