Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Excellent Change in Amazon Feedback Policy

Exciting change in Amazon's Feedback Policy! Amazon will now remove feedback if it is a complaint about the price of an item. My colleage (and FBAMom's partner) Kim Tarrant recently received this response when she sent in a ticket regarding a feedback referring to price:

We have received your complaint on Order ID:110-XXXX-XXXX, and determined that it is removable as per Amazon's feedback policy since it exclusively talks about the experience of the buyer with the product most particularly its price and shipping cost. Please be advised that in light of recent changes in our Standard Operating Procedures we are now authorized to remove feedback if the entire feedback pertains only to the experience of the buyer regarding the price and the shipping cost of the product. If you have additional questions or comments on this update, or with our Feedback Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
 I sent in a ticket for 2 feedbacks of this nature the same day, and they were also removed. This is big news! Buyers remorse won't work any more, and buyers who don't read the listing or find the item cheaper later can't penalize us anymore. Get busy going through your feedbacks and submitting tickets!
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