Friday, March 8, 2013

Do Your Customers Run Your eBay Store?

That may be a silly question to you but it can happen, sort of. You are most likely selling on eBay to make money. That last thing you probably need is someone else having control over what you make, no matter how big or how small the impact.

Something that may need your attention is setting the permissions your customers have when bidding or buying items from you. Without making this change, your buyers can change what they pay you during the payment process. This has the potential of really hurting your profit margins and your bottom line.

To make the change so that the final costs cannot be changed by your buyer, you will need to do the following:

1. Log into your eBay account
2. Go to the “Account “ menu and choose “Site Preferences”
3. Under the “Payment from buyers” section, look for “Allow buyers to edit payment totals
4. Click the “edit” link for the section
5. On the “Payment Preferences” page, look for the “Buyer Edit Option”
6. Make sure the box is NOT checked if you do not want buyers to edit that information

Take the time to confirm your settings. You may be wondering why anyone would want their buyers to be able to edit the pricing. Visit this eBay Help Guide for a few examples of why some sellers use this option.


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