Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earn Extra Money from Home in Addition to eBay Selling

I received this question from a reader:

"I would like to sell on eBay and work from home full time, but I am concerned that I can't make enough money selling on eBay alone to justify quitting my full time job. What else can I do to make money from home?"

Until about a year ago, eBay was my sole source of income. I started to try other work at home ventures and through trial and error, found other ways to make money. Here is a snapshot of how I make money using the internet and my computer (average values over a 6 month period):

51% of my monthly income is from eBay selling.

27% of my monthly income comes from affiliate programs such as Google AdSense, Commission Junction, and TrialPay. All of these are integrated with blogging or articles that I write for other sites.

13% of my monthly income comes from writing articles for other sites and from writing my own eBooks. I earn the most writing for eHow but have some earnings from Bukisa.

9% of my monthly income comes from miscellaneous things like consulting for companies who want to start selling on eBay, consulting with sellers who need one-on-one help, and pet sitting for my neighbors. (Pet sitting is fun and convenient, and pays well! Great way for moms and kids to make some extra money over the summer when neighbors travel.)

I have tried lots of things like product reviews and doing virtual assistant work. All of these things paid, but there are only so many hours in a day and it only makes sense to focus on the ventures that make the most money. Here are some resources that can help you investigate other options in addition to eBay selling:

Write articles for eHow

Write articles for Bukisa

Add affiliate programs to your About Me page

Write your own eBook to sell

More ways to make money at home using your computer

Hope this helps!

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