Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Shrink Wrap Products for Online Selling

Charlie, a member of my Facebook group, was kind enough to share his process for shrink wrapping items. Many of you sell health and beauty, food, baby, or other items that require sealing, bundling, or plastic wrap for shipping or storage. This technique is especially useful if you sell on Amazon FBA and bundle items or sell liquid items that could leak. Charlie showed us a way to make our products look really professional and the tools for this process. Here is Charlie’s demo video:

Here are the supplies you will need:

Easyway 16 inch heat sealer

Shrink wrap film

Wagner power heat gun

This sure beats using packaging tape and Saran wrap! What a time saver. I can see this process working for:

  • Health and beauty products

  • Food products sold in bundles

  • Plush toys

  • Toys in open-faced boxes

  • Clothing items (get them small enough to fit in Flat Rate envelopes!)

  • Office supplies

  • Books, DVDs, and CDs

  • Anything you need to re-bundle

  • Thanks, Charlie for this great demo!

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