Friday, December 23, 2011

eBay Seller Success Story – From Craigslist Find to eBay Success!

eBay Powerseller Alyson sent in this success story:

As a Powerseller eBay mommy, I follow and love your blog! You gave me the idea of picking up freebies from Craigslist for resale, and I have had a handful of successes, but wanted to share this one.

I picked up a vintage 1930’s Radio someone said was headed for the landfill, and it sold for $249.00 in an auction! I am now on the lookout for vintage electronics as I had so many watchers on this one. Thanks so much for your advice, Craigslist is an amazing product source for sure.

A screenshot of the listing is shown below.

You can visit Alyson’s eBay store, Aly’s Alcove here.

Do you have a great sale or an interesting eBay item to share? Send your find to for consideration.

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